Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let Me Count The Ways

Today we mark 3 years of married bliss!  

What a ride it has been!  We went to dinner last night to celebrate our anniversary.  We chatted about the things we've accomplished in three years and made an impressive list.  Andy earned his associate's degree from LDSBC, worked on a number of projects around the Utah and Salt Lake Valleys' including; the Provo Tabernacle, the states alcohol distribution center and many projects up at the University of Utah.  He's earned a couple raises and is inching closer and closer to wrapping up his Bachelors in Construction Management at BYU.  I've moved up the salon latter at Cookie Cutters and became the store's manager earning myself a pretty good raise.  We've moved around Davis county, finally landing ourselves back in Bountiful.  We've paid off our car and saved a good chunk for a house (one day).  We've traveled to Vegas a number of times, Disneyland, the beaches of California and San Francisco.  I think our most impressive accomplishment however has been creating a home of love and where the spirit is always present.  

I love Andy in so many different ways.  He is the most hard working person i know, and serves so selflessly. I learn so much from him, and work hard to be a loving wife to him.  Its hard for me to remember life without him.  3 years is a milestone for us, as with every anniversary, but i honestly feel like I've been married forever.  Andy makes me so happy, and life with him is truly magical.  
Dinner at P.F.Changs to celebrate our anniversary.  We have never been there before and it was amazing.  We splurged on this GIANT slice of chocolate cake (the great wall of chocolate).  Delicious!

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